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Eastern Grounds Landscaping Offers Custom Landscape Designs

Eastern Grounds Landscaping can help you enhance your business or home’s outdoor space. Our landscape design services are customizable to ensure that we make your outdoor living dreams come true. We provide a comprehensive list of landscape services that extend beyond just design. Once we design and install your new landscape, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with it. We can maintain your landscape after installation or provide snow removal services in the winter. Our certified crews use high-quality tools and effective communication to ensure that you are satisfied with our services. You no longer need to wait to have the perfect outdoor look. Together, we will create an installation plan that brings your landscape design ideas to life.

Planning Your Perfect Landscape Design

When you are ready to embark on your landscape journey, simply book your design appointment online. On the day of your appointment, our highly trained creative designers will meet with you to develop a landscape design plan. Our experts will listen to your goals and create a plan that meets your specifications. The steps in our thorough design process include:

⯃ Survey the Property — We will walk the perimeter of the property to familiarize ourselves with the space. This allows us to check the status of the existing greenery, note the yard’s layout, and record the dimensions of the areas we will be servicing.

⯃ Discuss Your Landscape Desires — The key to our success is listening to your dreams and making them come true. We will walk you through the available flowers, plants, and other landscape enhancements. If you desire a specific theme, we will develop the appropriate color scheme.

Landscape Design Services in Bowie, MD
  • Personalized Design Diagram — After the details are decided, our creative experts will draw up a diagram of your new property design. The landscape design plan will include the installation process, a drawing of the finished look, and a list of the plants and materials that will be used. A personalized diagram will give you an idea of the finished product and provides a chance to adjust the plan.
  • Landscape Design Cost Estimate — The cost of landscape design is determined by the residential or commercial property size and the amount of time the job will take. Our professionals will discuss your budget to come up with a plan that meets both your financial and landscape needs. When the details are finalized, we will provide you with an estimate of our services.
  • Schedule Service Date — When the planning is finished, choose a convenient time for you to have our experts install your new landscape design.

Creating Your Landscape Design Plan: What To Consider

Surveying the property gives our team a chance to identify any concerns that need to be addressed during the installation of your backyard or residential landscape design. Our decades of experience show that the success of your beautiful design starts at the beginning of the project. To ensure your new landscape will thrive in its environment, our creative experts consider the critical aspects of the planning process, which include:

  • Landscape Longevity Considering the current plant health and the amount of sunlight exposure each area gets is vital to the landscape’s longevity. If certain areas receive too much light or the soil lacks nutrients, the plants may not survive. Strategic placement of your new greenery and shrubbery is vital to encouraging plant health and maintaining the beauty of your landscape
  • Drainage Issues If your yard does not drain properly, your landscape will be at risk. Water can collect in pools and encourage runoff erosion that can damage your yard. Our experts will identify these potential dangers and ensure they are corrected at the beginning of the installation.
  • Colors Our experts consider the existing color scheme of the yard so they can maintain it or adjust it, depending on your vision. Introducing professional color combinations through flowers, trees, and shrubs creates a unique and enjoyable outdoor space.
  • Textures Textures can evoke different feelings in landscape design. Depending on the desired function of the new landscape, our creative experts will incorporate plants with varying textures.

Transform Your Home or Business With Modern Landscape Design

Whether you desire a garden upgrade or a new front yard landscape design, our customizable landscape design services in Bowie, MD will help you maximize your outdoor space. Eastern Grounds Landscaping can refine the professionalism of your commercial property or add a feeling of relaxation to your home’s backyard. Our lawn care experts will help you enhance your property’s value, appearance, and functionality so that you get the most out of your natural spaces. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our clients know they can trust our high-quality landscape services. We provide comprehensive and flexible options to meet all your landscape needs in one place. Contact our professionals today to make the most of your outdoor space with landscape design.

Providing Premier Landscaping Services in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia